Themed Events

Many event planners and production companies have enhanced an event by introducing a theme, which range from simple table decorations, to a full blown production which will make an event look like something out of a film set.

I have been fortunate enough to have been involved with many of these MEGA events either as a performer or by supplying different musical acts variety acts and dance acts to enhance an event.

I have teamed up with many production companies and these images below will give you a chance to see the type of event I have been involved with.

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It goes without saying that the magical performance itself is engaging, highly interactive and extremely entertaining and these skills are paramount when a company is looking for a magical performer, but there is an additional factor to consider when someone is looking for a magical entertainer for a themed event.

It is the attention to detail and the passion to enhance an event that puts Zap up on a pedestal. Event planners are not only looking at the quality of the performance, but they are also looking for a performer to complement an event by wearing quality outfits to suit the occasion.

I have performed in many different guises  over the years and it is this passion, which has made me the preferred choice of many leading events management, production companies and party planners around the world.

Below are selections of outfits I have performed in over the years.

I have been part of several movie promotions over the years. Some may be full-blown premieres and others are just a bit of fun in the foyers. Here are a few images of some of the movies I was involved with.

Ancient Greek

Annassa Hotel in Cyprus

Bollywood theme

Hilton Hotel Park Lane

Circus Theme

'clowning around'

Japanese Theme


Rainforest Themed Wedding

Round House in Camden with Elton John & The cast of "The Lion King"

Banana Split


Multiple Events

Magician, Swordfighter and player in a Commedia Dell'Arte Troupe (The Gobbi Players) Engish Civil War Society

Rocking and Rolling

with "The King" of Rock and Roll

Multiple Events

 Gangster ~ Masquerade Ball ~ Lumber Jack

Multiple Events

Arabic ~ Mexican ~ Morrocan

Multiple Events

School Days ~ Under the Sea ~ Navel officer

Horror Parties


Ice Age

Kung Fu Panda




The Simpsons

Multiple Events

Sponge Bob Square Pants  ~  Thunderbirds

Wallace and Gromit



 "Many thanks for your contribution to the Bristol International Terminal event, both in your capacity as a magician and in organising a great selection of entertainers.

The result was a stunning set of interactive and moving attractions which kept the audience both entertained and slightly bemused

A special thanks for your hard work in organising your costumes in the Bristol Blue.  Although challenging to match the colour, you all looked fantastic."



"I am writing to say how immensely grateful I am to you for the support you gave me which lead to our winning the Encyclopaedia Britannica theme party and motivational programme.
Not only were your professional capabilities obvious for all to behold, but your personality, confidence and humour is absolutely irresistible. I really enjoyed presenting with you and look forward to working with you on our "Wild West - Gold Rush" themed party on the day."