Private Parties

Whether you are planning a Wedding, Special Birthday Party, a Celebration, a Retirement Party, or a Staff Party for the Christmas season, then close-up-magic with ZAP as your performer will help to ensure that your function succeeds.

Zap will get your event off to an incredible and memorable start and maintain the energy that will engage and entertain throughout. If you want to ensure laughter, fun and amazement of the kind that gets everyone involved, ZAP's program of intimate close-up-magic will definitely prove to be your wisest choice.

private parties set 1Right under you're guest's nose they will witness a bottle melt through a dinner tabletop, they will see a ten-pound note change into a fifty-pound note, experience a coin of their choosing slowly bend in their own hands - and that's just for starters. ZAP will absolutely astonish and amaze your guest's with close-up-magic that is of the highest order.

Whether your function is being held in your offices, a restaurant, wine bar or private dining room, ZAP will bring your function to life!



"Zap, little did I think that by inviting you to perform an exclusive 30-minute magical cabaret at my parent's 40th wedding anniversary dinner held in the private Gondolier Suite of the Savoy Hotel, would provide such huge enjoyment for each of the twenty-five guests.

Such consummate skills and well-judged rapport, with each of us, was splendidly memorable and gave a fitting finale to a fabulous family occasion. This was far more than dodgy card tricks. There were disappearing balls, reappearing ten-pound notes and levitating money. Your variety and banter had us all astounded, bemused and utterly flummoxed.

Your empathy and understanding of how to pace your performance was truly incredible and we were all left in such a state of awe, wondering just how the hell you'd managed to pull off such spectacular magic.

You delivered a rare form of entertainment which was positively delightful, I will definitely call you to check your availability before I start looking for a venue for our next family gathering."



"Thank you so much for entertaining the partners from Alexander & Alexander last weekend. They enjoyed your show enormously which I am sure helped the overall success of the weekend.
Having now had the pleasure of seeing your particular brand of magic on a few occasions, I am totally convinced that your style is one that we can continue to use here at Chewton Glen. You may rest assured that in the event that we receive other enquiries for some magical entertainment, we will give you the first opportunity of them."



"Many thanks for performing at our function at Chewton Glen. Your spot proved to be an ideal way of winding up a very pleasant dinner party. As you know, you were a surprise feature and I think this adds to the enjoyment. Our party was overwhelmed by your arrival, but took no time at all to get thoroughly warmed up and into the mood. The way you built relationships with the audience was exceptional and everyone thoroughly enjoyed your entertainment, although, most are completely bewildered and we are still trying to get 50p pieces into bottles. I will be pleased to recommend you to other colleagues and associates."