Las Vegas 50th Birthday party

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I received a call, asking me if I would like to perform at a 50th Birthday party. Of course I said yes, then I was told that the party was to be held in Las Vegas.

I pointed out that the best magicians in the world were working in Las Vegas, so I asked ...

 "Why do you want me to go?"

 The answer I got absolutely stunned me ... ... ...   Yes, but they don't do it like you!

 As much as we all believe we are the best at what we do, it hits you like a sledge hammer when someone says that to you.

 I truly believe, that to make an event memorable and to give it impact.

It's NOT about what you do,
It's NOT about what you say,
It's about how you make them feel!

 I took my wife with me and totally absorbed everything that Las Vegas had to offer. Mad and brash and full of energy.

 We saw Penn & Teller, Jennifer Lopez, Cirque Du Soliel, I compered a poker tournament, performed my inimitable style of Close up magic, and I also go to work with Mac King, who is without doubt the best comedy magician in the world.

 Words cannot describe the roller coaster ride we had, so here is peak into the life of a close up magician using this video that I created.